Spark Aligners Melbourne

Spark is a more comfortable solution to clear alignment treatment.

What Are Spark Aligners?

Made with the latest innovation in clear aligner material, Spark aligners are designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement. Spark is a more comfortable solution to clear alignment treatment and is BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalate-free.

Man holds invisible spark aligners

How Do Spark Aligners Work?

Spark aligner treatment consists of wearing a series of removable, clear plastic trays. The clear trays are made of a material that allows for gentle movement of teeth over time. A 3D scan of your mouth will be taken in your initial consultation, which will be used to create the clear trays.

The number of different aligners a patient will wear varies based on the required treatment length. Most patients receive new aligners every two weeks or so, which are worn for about 22 hours per day, except for when a patient is eating, drinking or brushing their teeth.

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Is Spark Right For Me?

Spark offers the latest advancement in clear aligner technology and greater patient experiences. The 3D application and aligner material are designed to provide high-quality results. The near invisible appearance of Spark aligners make them a popular choice for many of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spark?

Spark Aligners offer the latest advancements in clear aligners and greater patient experiences to achieve a straighter smile.

How much does Spark cost?

Spark Clear Aligners’ cost is comparable to braces and other aligner prices. The cost of Spark Clear Aligners varies from individual to individual based on factors such as the case complexity and treatment length.

Are Spark aligners painful?

Aligner treatment is generally a low pain experience, however you may experience slight discomfort throughout your treatment as you get used to the trays. This is a sign that your aligners are working as they are gently moving your teeth into your new smile.

How long does Spark treatment take?

Spark aligner treatment can take anywhere from three to eighteen months, however treatment lengths may vary depending on the complexity of your individual case.

Clear aligners vs braces

Spark aligners provide a subtle alternative to braces. They are removable, meaning you can eat, brush and floss without having to worry about wires or brackets.

What happens if I break a bracket or wire?

If you notice any part of your braces have broken or come loose, make an appointment with your orthodontist immediately.

What happens after my treatment is finished?

After your braces are removed, retainers will be fitted. There are various types of retainers, including clear retainers, fixed wire retainers and plate type retainers. Your teeth may shift over time, so we recommend wearing retainers long-term, initially full time, then nightly or every few nights long-term. 

What happens if I lose or break my retainer?

We look after all our patients after their braces treatment for no extra fee as a continuation of care. However, extra fees may apply for lost or broken retainers. If your retainer breaks or is misplaced, please contact us to organise a replacement retainer as soon as possible.


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