What to Expect: Getting Braces

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It is completely normal feeling nervous in the lead up to getting your braces on. But don’t worry, there is no need to panic. The process of getting braces is completely painless – no needles, no drilling! It is just a fiddly procedure where the orthodontists take meticulous care in placing the brackets. Sitting still for 30-60 minutes and picking colours for your braces are the hardest part of the procedure!

The first step: Brushing your teeth with a special toothbrush.

We use a special toothbrush and toothpaste which feels gritty to clean the surfaces of your teeth.

Second step: Using a ‘Tooth Shampoo’

Once we have brushed your teeth, we will use a blue tooth shampoo to prepare your teeth for the glue.

Third step: Gluing the brackets on your teeth

The orthodontists will then glue the small metal or ceramic brackets on to your teeth, making sure all of the brackets are correctly positioned.
We then set the glue with a special blue light

Fourth step: Placing the wire

Once all of the brackets are glued on to your teeth, they will then be connected with a thin wire which is adjusted regularly to gradually straighten your teeth

Fifth step: Placing modules

Modules are little coloured rubber rings that hold the wire into place. These colours are changed every visit and the hardest part is picking which colours you want on your braces for the next 5-7 weeks!

Sixth step: Hygiene instructions

Once the braces are fitted, we will give you some instructions on how to care for your new braces and provide you with all the necessary cleaning products and after-care information.

Once the braces are on you may experience a little discomfort, this will subside over the next few days. We recommend taking Panadol or nurofen to manage the tenderness. We also recommend having softer foods over the first few days of getting your braces on.

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